34182474505_6cb5f53972_zVANCOUVER: BC NDP leader John Horgan pledged to relieve congestion for people stuck in traffic across the Lower Mainland at a campaign stop at Vancouver City Hall.

Horgan announced he will partner with mayors across the region, fully funding the province’s share of the 10-year transit plan, including immediately beginning work to replace the Pattullo Bridge.

“Christy Clark’s roadblocks have gotten in the way for too long. I’ll work collaboratively with the mayors in the Lower Mainland to get BC moving,” said Horgan. “Unlike Christy Clark, we will fund the province’s full share of the Mayors’ Council’s 10-year plan for transit and transportation in the Lower Mainland.

“We’ll put people to work building a replacement for the Pattullo Bridge, building new light rail in Surrey, and building the Broadway Skytrain extension, along with many more priority projects identified by the mayors,” said Horgan.

“Less traffic means more time with family, less carbon pollution from idling cars, and more liveable communities.”

John Horgan and the BC NDP will get BC moving by:

  • Funding the mayors’ plan with 40 per cent of provincial funding for all projects, not hand-picked ones like Christy Clark is doing
  • Immediately getting to work on the Pattullo Bridge replacement
  • Committing $300 million per year over 10 years to relieve congestion in the Lower Mainland funded from the BC NDP’s $10 billion capital infrastructure plan
  • Working collaboratively with Metro Vancouver mayors on implementing their 10-year vision for transit and transportation, and challenging them to take it further over the following 10 years
  • Using Project Labour Agreements and requiring apprenticeships on projects built with public money

“Now is the time to set out a bold vision for the future. Our plan will make BC a full partner in these projects – alongside federal and local governments – as we grow the economy, fight climate change, and create good, sustainable jobs.”

John Horgan and the BC NDP previously committed to make life more affordable for commuters in Surrey and Maple Ridge by removing tolls from the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges, and pledging to work collaboratively with the majors on a fair and equitable long-term plan for transit funding to relieve congestion going forward.