Mary Polak Minister of Environment

Victoria: Opposition members renewed demands for answers during Question Period today from John Horgan, who continues to express his full confidence in former minister Jinny Sims, despite never actually looking into allegations as he originally claimed.

“This is a Premier who has proclaimed his full confidence in his former minister of Citizens’ Services yet, in the same breath, says he has no idea why his caucus member is the suspect in a criminal investigation,” said BC Liberal House Leader Mary Polak. “This makes zero sense.”

After a whistleblower brought allegations forward to government, which were dismissed outright by John Horgan and the NDP, the Premier told British Columbians he directed his Chief of Staff Geoff Meggs to review the allegations against then Minister Sims. We now know that a written review never actually took place.

“John Horgan’s idea of a thorough review into what are now criminal allegations is to have his buddy call the Minister, ask if everything is okay and when she says there is nothing to see, take that to the bank and tell British Columbians everything is fine. John Horgan needs to publicly release the evidence he was presented during this sham investigation because his current story doesn’t add up.”

Meanwhile, the active police investigation into criminal wrongdoing involving the former Minister of Citizens’ Services, Jinny Sims, is underway and John Horgan refuses to come clean about what he knew, when he knew it, and why he misled the public.