Break Away!


Photo: Teaser Poster for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2, an Entertainment One release
Photo: Teaser Poster for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2, an Entertainment One release

Never is it easy to end a relationship. Some relationships are harder to end than others. So when a hit man decides to break free of his chosen profession not everything goes as planned. Sit back and see the explosive fun in store in Eone’s release of John Wick: Chapter 2. Like any bestseller this page turner is achieving its effective body count at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

Down but definitely not out is Keanu Reeves (the Matrix) who slyly returns to the fold as the now more reluctant warrior. Wounded and with a heavy heart our ace hit man simply wants to turn in his gun(s) and let bygones be bygones. Thoughts like this though perhaps noble to outsiders carry little weight in the underworld. So it’s no surprise that the gangsters come after the gangster In This ultimate shoot em up flick.

Wind him up, give him a gun. And turn him loose. Yes there are lots of fights, guns galore and cars used as battering rams in this bonafide action flick. A power struggle in a family of mobsters sets the stage for Wick to return as the hit man from the cold in an apparent last mission. Focus in on the last mission message as we go for the states to scenic Europe and back on an international trail of bloodletting. Let the games begin.

Up to use task is Keanu Reeves who looks dapper but deadly as a sleepwalking time or just ready to explode. And explode do scores of bodies as it is amazing how one man can elude such an army of foes. Think a fine-suited Rambo or Arny in his Commando mode and you get the picture.

Fans of the genre will fully embrace the no-nonsense methods of Wick and his slick one-liners and personal armourer would do the days of those classic classy Connery Bond Q epics rightfully proud.