Shaded Love!

JulietaClassic Style jives with intense performances to pull off a remarkable story in Julieta. Fresh director Pedro Almodovor continues his winning ways in This smart release from Mongrel Media that serves up some nifty Canadian content. You see this drama comes from stories penned by famed Canadian author Alice Munro. Substitute Madrid for Vancouver and let’s get the ball rolling at the International Village Cinema and some select Cineplex complexes in snowy British Columbia.

Done in a semi flashback style this tale follows the life of a middle aged woman named Julieta whose early life has an odd way of catching up with her. Watch actress Emma Suarez successfully capture the heart of this woman who bears all sorts of crosses owing to a few transgressions done decades ago.

So the past is about to confront this lady. Family memories prove problematic as an only child returns to Julieta’s sphere of influence. How a mother and daughter make peace with each other and confront their past histories make  up lots of the plot in this slick mild thriller whose intensity derives solely from two strong-willed women.

Gorgeous cinematography, solid performances on many levels and an air of mystery reveal that Julieta was a top performer and audience favourite at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Don’t let the English subtitles fool you. By all means give Spain’s entry at this year’s Oscars for best foreign film a gander. Chances are you will like the results.