Ottawa: Last week, replying to a question whether Canada  should do more to help Ukraine and Russia’s involvement in the crisis on Radio-Canada’s Tout le monde en parle, a French-language interview show, Trudeau said, “It’s very worrisome,” He went on to add that he now considers Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to be illegitimate. “Especially since Russia lost in hockey, they will be in a bad mood. We are afraid of a Russian intervention in Ukraine”. His remark caused lot of furore in Ottawa, with NDP and Tories demanding an apology. Trudeau apologised on Tuesday. He spoke to Paul Grod, the president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress President, and said “I’m sorry to have spoken lightly of the very real threat Russia poses to Ukraine.” He also apologised to Vadym Prystaiko, the Ukrainian ambassador to Canada, when Trudeau visited to sign a book of condolences.