Ottawa: Inspections by the Competition Bureau have resulted in home retailer JYSK Canada removing two brands of duvets from its sales floor as a result of misleading labelling of the down content of the duvets.
Independent laboratory tests performed for the Bureau on JYSK Canada’s Classic Down Duvets and Cascade Goose Down Duvets for “down” filling and “bird of origin” content revealed that the duvets did not meet the minimum down percentage requirements under the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations to be marketed as “down” or “goose down” products. The Bureau conducted inspections at four JYSK Canada retail stores across the country.
JYSK Canada has removed and discontinued the sale of these duvets and has also issued a recall notice in its stores, in its flyers and on its website. Customers who purchased a Classic Down Duvet or a Cascade Goose Down Duvet after January 1, 2010, will be able to exchange it for a full refund.
Over the course of its inspections, the Bureau also identified other textile articles and prepackaged products bearing improper or incomplete information, including bathroom, bedding, decorative and kitchen products. JYSK Canada is currently addressing all of the concerns identified by the Bureau in order to meet the requirements under the Textile Labelling Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, and related regulations.