On Wednesday, May 27, British Columbian’s celebrated the achievements of many organizations and individuals that are making a difference and are reinforcing the message that hate has no place in BC.

We are honoured to announce that our Founder, Kal Dosanjh, was recognized amongst these amazing individuals. He was the recipient of the “Breaking Barriers” Anti Racism Award presented by the B.C. Government at the BC Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Awards Ceremony. He dedicates this award to the tireless efforts of all the KidsPlay volunteers, who dedicate themselves unconditionally to create a better future for youth and to our sponsors, whose love to help others – this has given us the platform to succeed.

Thank you for bestowing us with such a remarkable honour. Those who volunteer with Kids Play Foundation are directly or indirectly affected by the broader issues of structural and systemic racism, drug abuse and gang violence. Some of them have lost their siblings and loved ones and are hoping to save others from going through the same pain; some like our Founder, Dosanjh, who have seen too much on the job to be able to just sit back and let someone else take action. We are thankful to the B.C. Government for recognizing the efforts of these remarkable individuals and organizations.