4 5On Wednesday, February 8, Kids Play held their Annual Bullying Prevention Forum at Bell Performing Arts Centre, Surrey. The aim of this forum was to broaden our understanding of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence among children and youth. This was done by sharing knowledge, exploring new perspectives and acknowledging that 2bullying and other forms of degrading treatment have to be understood as a complex interplay between individual, interpersonal and contextual factors. The forum invited perspectives from different disciplines and areas. This free information session was facilitated by speakers from Red Cross Respect Education, Mediate BC, Bully Free BC and Crime Stoppers. The forum created multidisciplinary and cross-level dialogues and panels to improve the understanding of the topic. $5000 in scholarships was distributed to students at the end of the forum. Kids Play believes education is a fundamental human right and no one should be deprived of their right to educational opportunities. This is the reason behind their free programs. The forum was a success and they are working towards putting together similar programs in the upcoming months.