Kal-Dosanjh3Surrey: KidsPlay founder and CEO Kal Dosanjh received numerous awsrds and accolades for his tireless community service and as the man spearheading many of the KidsPlay programs that are making a difference in the South Asian community.
Kal received the Community Service Award at the annual Times of Canada 2015 Diwali Gala and the Community Service Award at the annual Unified for Change Gala.
These awards recognized his endless efforts, dedication and commitment to bring about a positive change in the lives of youth. His desire to help the young people of our community cannot be appreciated enough.
He has 15 years of experience in the law enforcement agency and has tirelessly devoted his life towards the improvement of society which has labelled him a role model figure for many. His determination has positively impacted lives of many people.
There is a huge concern over the influence of drug and gang involvement in the lives of our youth. Drugs and gang violence are serious issues we are faced with on a regular basis.
The non-profit Kids Play organization is working towards implementing the necessary changes in our community to battle these issues.

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