Almost every day we hear about a gruesome murder of an adult or child by their own loved one. So the question that pops in the head is love losing the battle to rage and revenge?
We have heard about a qualified doctor in Ontario who murdered his own babies, aged 2 and 5. If you read the details you will be shocked to find out that the court believes that one of the reasons behind this gruesome crime is the revenge husband wanted to take on wife because he thought she was having an affair. He wanted her to suffer, he wanted her to lose the children and in his rage he forgot he too is going to lose his family, his babies. This April there have been 3 reported cases of domestic violence in BC, recent one being in Clearwater where a common-in-law husband is suspect in the murdered of the mother of his three kids.Killing ones loved ones to get access to power; money has been going on for the longest time in the recorded history.
Physiologists who delve into the human minds say that rage and revenge are the two major triggers for such a behavior. Rage in clinical terms is defined as violent anger; a total discharge of the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. In simple terms rage is a condition when person is blinded by the fury in his head and the does not hear the inner loving voice. When this loving voice fails to prevail over a being, then all hell is let loose. And that’s how a person ends up brutally murdering the one person whom he /she has loved and cherished for so long.
Human race has progressed so much in the material sense but lost the touch with the inner being. We all are running around making money, trying to be successful in very competitive world, we attend gym religiously to keep ourselves fit but are we really healthy inside? Is our soul getting the nourishment it needs to stay calm, connected and in a loving state so that we are not blinded to kill love.