Brampton: On June 22, the Mayor and Councillors of Brampton officially inaugurated the Komagata Maru Park in memory of the Komagata Maru Passengers.
Raj Toor, Vice President and Spokesperson for the Descendants of the Komgata Maru Society said, “It’s a great tribute to those passengers who suffered a lot during the tragedy. Their sacrifice and struggle are recognized by the City of Brampton Council. Descendants of the Komgata Maru families and Asian Community is happy. All the Canadian are happy. It’s a Canadian history.”

He added, “the City of the Brampton Council officially invited me to attend the ceremony. I have also shared Komagata Maru history and my Grandfather story about the Komagata Maru. The City of Brampton Respected Mayor Mr. Brown and Council honours the Descendants of the Komagata Maru families and Descendants of the Komogata Maru families also participate in symbolic tree planting ceremony.

“Descendants of the Komagata Maru society lobbied more than 15 years to hear the Komagata Maru Apology in the BC Legislature and in the House Of Commons. The BC government apologized for the Komgata Maru incident in May 23, 2008 and the Federal government apologized for the Komagata Maru incident in May 18, 2016. We never ask for the compensation.”

“We can’t undo the past. We can move forward and leave a legacy for the future generation by educating them about the past. Places like this park will educate the entire community and make us all richer in awareness of how special a place Canada is to have so many different ethnic communities living together. And with this knowledge we can build a better world free from racism said Raj too.”