rcmp vehicle newLangley: Rare crime charges have been laid against an Organized Crime Group by Langley RCMP Drug Section. The Drug Section began an investigation in 2012. Four persons were arrested on June 25 as managers or bosses of a ‘dial-a-dope’ phone line. Police allege the group trafficking crack, powder cocaine and heroin in Langley operated what is referred to as a ‘dial-a-dope’ phone line.  Due to the call volume on the original line, a second Langley City ‘dial-a-dope’ line number was generated.

The four people identified by RCMP are Burnaby resident 30-year-old Mikhail Marinov, possibly a Richmond resident 38-year-old Ruslan Makhmudov, Langley resident 39-year-old Tyson Tull and Langley resident 20-year-old Ashley Smits. Mikhail Marinov and Ruslan Makmudov have been charged with one count each of instructing an Offence – Trafficking in Cocaine and Heroin for the benefit of a Criminal Organization and Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine and Heroin.

Tyson Tull and Ashley Smits are each charged with one count of committing an offence – Trafficking Cocaine and Heroin, for the benefit of a Criminal Organization and Conspiracy to Traffic Cocaine and Heroin. Tull is further charged with two counts of Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.  Whereas Smits is charged with Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of Heroin for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Police said criminal organization investigations are extremely complex and require a significant amount of time and effort to assemble the documentation necessary for Crown charge approval.

Langley RCMP said the drugs being sold were kept in rented ‘stash houses’ throughout the Lower Mainland.  The group moved to five different ‘stash houses’ in a period of one year.  Police allege these houses were used for cooking crack, bulk packaging of drugs and counting and processing money.

Over the course of the investigation, drugs were seized on four separate occasions.  Approximate weights of the seized substances:  Nearly 600 grams of crack cocaine, 100 grams of powder cocaine, and 230 grams of heroin.  Just over $8000 of cash was seized for total value cash and drugs of over $140,000.  Four vehicles were seized – two have been referred to Civil Forfeiture, police will be seeking criminal forfeiture of a third and the fourth was returned to the leasing company.

Sgt. Jason Wilde of Langley Drug Section, “Investigations such as this one require an immense amount of resources, effort and commitment on the part of the officers on my team.  We are committed to targeting those responsible for running these operations.”

Inspector Murray Power, Langley RCMP Operations Support Officer, “These charges are a significant contribution to the RCMP, CFSEU and municipal police agencies collective and co-ordinated efforts at tackling Organized Crime.  The goal is to continually target groups before they become serious public safety issues.  These types of Successes and efforts serve to benefit all Lower Mainland communities.”