Langley: Recently a young girl consumed a large amount of liquor before and during the party and was taken to hospital when she began to hallucinate, scream, spasm and cry. The incident took place at a residence where a group of nearly 50 youths attended a party where alcohol was permitted. In a second incident a young boy accidentally asphyxiated. He remains in hospital nearly two weeks later. Of particular concern are instances where parents are providing or facilitating alcohol consumption by young people.
Superintendent Derek Cooke, Langley Detachment Officer in Charge, “There is fallacy in the belief that allowing young people to drink and party in a residence is safe. In British Columbia, you’re allowed to serve alcohol to your own children in your own home. However, there are restrictions on servicing alcohol to your children’s friends. It is illegal to serve alcohol to a person under the age of 19.
The host parent will be held legally liable for any accidents or injuries that occur during the party. After these two very recent incidents police are advising parents against hosting a party that involves alcohol and young adults.