ranveer-singhNew Delhi: A lawyer on Wednesday said he has filed a complaint with the NCW against Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, as he has insulted woman in the advertisement of menswear company Jack & Jones by presenting women in an indecent way.

Gaurav Gulati, a lawyer practising in Tis Hazari courts complex, has filed a complaint against Ranveer Singh and Jack & Jones, and requested the National Commission for Woman (NCW) to issue notice to them.

He also demanded strict legal action the actor and the menswear company.

“I have seen an advertisement hoarding of Jack & Jones company on social media and some online news reports in which famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh could be seen posing slinging a woman on his shoulder, suggesting that women are nothing more than objects.”

“Then there’s a punch line by the side that says ‘Do Not Hold Back, Take Your Work Home’,” the lawyer said in his complaint.

He also stated in the complaint that such statements are derogatory to women and show how a famous actor can do such cheap and mean acts for the sake of money.

The advocate termed it as violation of gender equality and as being outrageous to women’s dignity.