Paarull JS Bakshi

By Paarull JS Bakshi

Paarull JS Bakshi
Paarull JS Bakshi

Paarull graduated from Langara College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing Major) in 2011. She has been working with many small businesses in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past few years assisting them with various needs in the field of Marketing, Sales, Franchising, PR and Business Development. Her passion for Business, Marketing and helping small businesses keeps her motivated to excel in her chosen field of study.

‘School Is Easy’ is a home-based tutoring company started in Vancouver by local entrepreneur, Susan Cumberland. Her company, School Is Easy, provides tutors in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, Surrey and the rest of the Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver region) for all subjects including math tutors, science tutors, English tutors, French tutors and Special Education tutors. School Is Easy hires certified teachers and provides in home tutoring to students at their home.
Susan Cumberland  Owner, School Is Easy
Susan Cumberland
Owner, School Is Easy

The need for tutoring businesses is definitely growing in Canada as Post-Secondary education reaches new
admission standards and gaining entrance to some Universities and certain faculties gets more and more competitive. School Is Easy provides tutoring for all ages which certainly helps the students be better prepared for Post-Secondary Education. In BC, Tutoring has also become a tax-rebate and this is much more of an incentive for parents to encourage their kids to gain extra help by being tutored.
Susan holds a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Counselling and worked as teacher until the year 2002 and then decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dream in the form of School Is Easy. Just like any other new venture, the transition from a 9-5 and stable paycheck to a world of the unknown wasn’t easy for Susan either and what added to this pressure were her two toddlers at home. “It wasn’t easy but it was the best thing I ever did” states Susan as this gave her the flexibility to be at home with her kids and watch them grow up. She says that it’s important to spend time with your kids and having her own business at home gave her the opportunity to do things such as walk them to and from school, volunteer in their classrooms, assist with field trips and provide nice home cooked meals. Apart from the good changes her business has brought into her life, this is also what she loves to do and says that her business “helps kids gain confidence in school by providing one on one in home tutoring in all subjects (grades 1 -12). We are diligent in screening tutors and matching them to students. I am rewarded everyday by grateful parents and happy students who experience success. Helping kids gives meaning to my life.”
School Is Easy is definitely a growing brand across Canada as it has a running franchise in the Fraser Valley and one which will be active soon in Mississauga. Susan recommends her franchise to everyone especially Moms with young children as she says that her business model will give them the flexibility to enjoy their kid’s
childhood. The franchise system will also provide you with ample training and on-going support as Susan says that “I want all my franchisees to succeed with my business model”. This system is easy to run, very affordable, rewarding and lucrative.
Susan plans to grow her business in the years to come and wants to have franchises all across Canada as she believes in the importance of learning and emphasizes that our youth need good education to be successful and achieve their dreams.