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CHARLOTTETOWN: A Liberal candidate has won his seat in the Prince Edward Island legislature by a coin toss.

Spokespeople for the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives confirmed Tuesday that a judicial recount of ballots cast in the riding of Vernon River-Stratford resulted in a tie.

Each candidate had 1,173 votes.

Tory spokesman Jeff Himelman said an additional ballot for his party’s candidate Mary Ellen McInnis had been counted in favour of Liberal Alan McIsaac.

McIsaac had originally won the May 4 election by just two votes.

The P.E.I. Elections Act requires a coin toss when a judicial recount results in a tie.

Liberal spokeswoman Mary Moszynski said the candidate whose name was closest to the beginning of the alphabet was assigned “heads” and the candidate with name closest to the end of the alphabet was given “tails.”

“Tails” won and the Liberal incumbent retained his seat in the riding southeast of Charlottetown.

Himelman said McInnis was unavailable for comment.


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