John Horgan Leader of the B.C. New Democrats

Vancouver: Documents with Elections BC show a total of $672,576.38 in BC NDP donations from one international union – the largest contribution in a single year in BC provincial history.

“Once again, John Horgan is caught saying one thing and doing another,” said Today’s BC Liberals Vancouver-Quilchena candidate Andrew Wilkinson. “In the past year, the BC NDP’s coffers were filled with the largest donation in BC political history.”

Of the nearly $675,000, 82 percent was given after the Vancouver Sun printed a leaked memo from the United Steelworkers complaining that, “the party views the labour unions as an ATM; the only time our views are heard is when they are attached to a cheque.”

“The Steelworkers essentially threatened to turn off the tap earlier in the year—yet 82 percent of their near-$675,000 contribution came after the story ran in the Vancouver Sun,” said Wilkinson. “Horgan needs to come clean. What did Horgan promise the US-based Steelworkers in return for the largest contribution in BC provincial history?”