KathlynToronto: Premier Kathleen Wynne led her party to a majority and triumphantly back to government. Ontario Liberals got a stronger mandate in Ontario 2014 and its gained on the shoulders of Greater Toronto voters.

The Liberals were elected in 59 seats, the Progressive Conservative party won in 27 constituencies and NDP hold 21 ridings late Thursday night. The Liberals took 38.65 per cent of the popular vote to 31.3 per cent for the PCs and 23.8 per cent for the NDP.

“We did this,” a jubilant Wynne told her supporters. “Thank you Ontario … You have put your trust in us and we will not let you down.”

“This is a beautiful, inclusive place we live in,” she said, noting “anyone can be the premier” in such an open-minded province.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ontario. We are going to build Ontario up for everyone in this province — everyone. You voted for jobs, you voted for growth.”

Wynne will recall the legislature July 2 for a throne speech then reintroduce the same May 1 budget that sparked the election because it would not have passed the minority legislature.

Wynne thanked her wife Jane Rounthwaite who joined her on stage for the celebration along with her supporters and campaign team.

On the other hand, Progressive Conservatives leader Tim Hudak announced he would step down.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper congratulates Premier Kathleen Wynne and her team on their election victory. “I look forward to working with Premier Wynne on issues of importance to Ontarians and all Canadians, including promoting jobs, growth and long-term prosperity.”

All results are unofficial until final ballot counts are verified suggests Elections Ontario.