life-peace-and-happinessLife is based in our thinking from morning to evening even our dreams are based on our thoughts.  As a human brain we have approximately 70.000 thoughts on an average day.
There are different types of thoughts Positive, Negative, Wasteful, and Necessary.

To make my life light and more productive I need to learn this art of thinking.
As energy if I lead my thoughts in a wrong way my time will also be wasted.
Time and thoughts are related to each other. If I waste my thought I waste my time and time is a real wealth .By wasting my thoughts my task will  take longer to be accomplished and sometime to be towards mistakes and in the process of correcting the mistakes I waste my time.
Today time is very precious so I should handle my thought like a jewel and I should look after them.

If I think positively even when adversely situations arises the dark side of the situation will be dispelled. How can I do that?  By seeing everyone playing a part like it was a drama.  In a drama I cannot change the scenes because it is fixed but I can go through the scenes as a detached observer thinking that scene soon would be over and a new scene will come out and better situation will arise.

By thinking negatively I give power to that negativity and the situation will get even worse and would be more difficult to go through that situation and more time will be needed to get out of that and many imprints are left in the soul who will remember that for a long period of time in their life . Sometimes we react in front of some situation in a harsh way because of those imprints.
Transforming a negative situation in a positive situation is a learning process

When we spend time and energy in wasteful thoughts we lose so much.
The day can go by and nothing is done because the energy was scattered everywhere.
By focusing our mind in whatever we are doing and not what somebody else is doing we can accomplish lots of task in a very fast and powerful way.

Thoughts are transmitted from my mind and will be printed in the atmosphere and that will influence me first, my family, home, and place of work.

Can I change the thoughts of others? No. I can change only my own but by changing myself the life of others around me will be changed as well.

What can I do to change my thoughts?
First of all be aware of them by checking every night how did I spend my day.
I need to realize my responsibilities with my own self.
I need to take a decision whether to live with all of that negativity or rather to respond creatively with positive thoughts.
With determination we can achieve our goal which is to have a life with peace, happiness and prosperity.