By RandomthoughtsofZee

Do what you are good at and depart is the eternal advice.

Every individual is born with the pre-decided life path. We are pre-programed by someone up above to live, work, love and then eventually wrap up things here—sometimes at a minute’s notice—and go back to where we came from or  stay in embargo for our final destination as believed in some cultures and religions. Whatever the case maybe, you have to work and make it worth the time on this beautiful planet earth and there are loads of people who will happily advise you how to make it worth.  Parents are the first set of people who like to live a second life through their kids. Most parents advise a child to study well and try to influence the career and life path of their child. Then there are peers and the peer pressure, ah!  Each one of us faces that and if you are lucky enough to keep your individuality intact through those adolescents’ years you are actually a winner.

Let’s look at the career first. Very few people get to follow the dream path, rest most of us are advised to make a living. And if someone tries to do something that is not aligned with our hereditary career path then people around us step in with more advice, or career counseling. Each individual has every right to follow the passion that emanates from their soul within and make a life for them as they want to. Listen to everyone but do what your heart desires because you don’t know how much time you have, so don’t go away forever without doing what you are good at, don’t depart with regret.

In the matters of love, friends take lead in advising the lovers on the either side to do, say and dress up in a manner to impress, de-impress or re-impress the other love stuck or lovelorn party. And if you are one of the people who prefers to use his or her own mind during the course of life then  at many occasions you will be given examples from folk tales, religious books; people will try to advise you using the inspirational stories of some great men and women of our times. But at the end of it the best advice any one can give you is ‘do what you are good at and then depart happily’ from this wonderland because we must not forget that purpose of life is to run towards our end and arrive on time for death whenever it is destined to be.