wineracksVancouver:  Feb 7 was a cheerful day for festival goers and sports enthusiasts, as well as the hotel industry and its patrons who will benefit from a third set of recommendations highlighted in the final report on the B.C. Liquor Policy Review. BC government has announced its full support for all 73 recommendations in the report. A number of these recommendations require significant policy work and implementation planning, which will be done over the coming months. The new policy will eliminate beer garden fencing which will be an advantage to Community festivals and entertainment events organizers. Consumers will be able to buy mixed-spirit drinks at public SOL events and enabling hosts to serve UBrew/UVin at events, such as weddings. The new policy will allow Stadiums and arenas throughout the province to sell spirit-based liquor sales in the stands. The hotel industry will be able to extend room service hours and allow guests to move more freely with alcoholic beverages. Once these changes are made in law, these facilities will be able to serve spirits, such as rum, vodka or gin, to all patrons, no matter where they are seated.