Food Fight!

Little ItalyBusinesses come and go. Families stay together. And never the Twain shall meet. See the sparks fly when two young lovers age like not so fine wine in the romantic lark Little Italy. Fresh food for thought is in offing by way of EOne Entertainment now holding court at The International Village Cinemas and select Cineplex venues around B.C.

Leave the smoke behind for the comfort of a cool refreshing theatre as we follow the whirlwind friendship of two people over time. When they were kids Leo and Nikki seemed inseparable and yes, they liked each other as did their parents. Now an all grown up Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen

(Star Wars: Episode One) have gone their separate ways – as have their parents.

Once upon a time, way back when, the Campo and Angioli families could do wrong as owners of Little Italy’s busiest Italian restaurant. So, when Nikki comes home for a celebration all bets are off as to whether she will see Leo again – and what may come of it.

With an authentic warm-hearted Italian theme to it you see the passion running through all the players’ veins. Rivals in business and in life its high-spirited fun to see what may or may not develop as two former friends may rekindle those historic moments or final sever those long-time ties.

Bolstered by perfect ethnic caricatures from Andrea Martin and Danny Aiello romance addicts and those into family culture will appreciate the nuances that rise the fore in Little Italy though at times they aren’t that subtle.