Killer Chiller!

Smart people who follow the movie business know that horror movies are the most profitable of all films. They even beat out porn, if you’ll excuse the expression. Fear fills seats. Now for the first time a documentary has arrived that takes the wraps off of one of the most famous “beloved”? series of them all. Welcome to the world of a cute little doll with attitude in the awesomely revealing, entertaining and insightful Living with Chucky. Sounds better than dying with Chucky, doesn’t it? Either way this monster hit of a monster that never stops giving is worth checking out on streaming services such as Apple, Xbox and Google play and many more across Canada courtesy of EGPR
Long known as the grand daddy/master of horror films monster king Universal Studios took a chance on an offbeat film called Child’s Play lo those many years ago. Somehow that film caught on and what has followed is an onslaught of killer films all starring Chucky. Quite naturally Living with Chucky takes us back in time to see just how this demon seed of a doll caught on – bad language and all.
Made by the daughter of one of the original crew this documentary explores the origins of this series and delves deep as to how a determined producer ( and friend/collaborator of Steven Spielberg no less) got a group of talented technicians together to create a youthful phenomena. Blessed with an offbeat story and insightful director they made celluloid history and all on a low budget at the start..
Here we get up close and personal to see the genesis of a movement with a cult following. Long before the tough talking Ted there was Chucky.
Brought to life by an awesome group of puppeteers the creators managed to churn out over the top stories that took a life of their own, building more and more fans along the way. With this documentary we see the creative process unfold. Above all else it stresses the dynamic of hard-working professionals that had come together at first with a hope and a prayer yet managed to build momentum after their first surprising success. Better and better they got as the scripts got campier and campier yet grew an undeniably loyal fanbase that is still going strong to this very day. While as we speak a new television series with that cute faced killer of a doll is being shot in Toronto.
Wild, wacky and deliciously funny this historic look at the ultimate campy horror icon is definitely worth watching.