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Amrita Lit

The story is written by Indo-Canadian author Amrita Kaur Lit. Lit lives in Surrey, British Columbia. Her writing regularly appears in several local newspapers and magazines, as well as on her personal blog, ‘Amrita Literature.’

Chasing Kismet tackles deeply convoluted human issues that will particularly resonate with Indian and South Asian readers. From the intricacies of family and community dynamics to the lack of mental health support, the protagonist’s experience is one that will feel intimately familiar to many.

Written with dazzling emotional depth and profound cultural insights, Chasing Kismet will remind you that family roots have a way of following us—no matter how hard we pursue a new destiny.cover

The novel is about the journey of an Indo-Canadian female who sets out to discover her roots, but becomes uprooted

It has been released for purchase on Amazon on March 10th, 2017. There will also be a pop up book sale at Unit 353 8158 on 128th street in Surrey, BC at Shahi Fashions in Payal Business Centre on March 26th, 2017.

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