By Shirl Hollenberg


london has fallenStakes are high with the free world left hanging In The balance in London Has Fallen. This smart follow-up to surprise hit Olympus Has Fallen offers more of the same. Robust is the nature of this VVS film now exploding on screen at Cineplex Odeon areas still left standing across B.C.

World leaders rely on secret service protection to safeguard their lives. Ex military man Mike  Banning is one of the best in the business. Reprising his role in The earlier version, alongside  many others, is Gerald Butler (300). Left to protect U.S. president Benjamin Asher on assignment in London things go from ad to worse in a hurry. On the run for his very life Aaron Eckhard displays considerable finesse as the leader of the free world trying to stay alive.

With London in gridlock and lockdown thanks to a merciless terrorist there seems to be no place to run for the survivors of a hideously planned assault. Bullets galore fly often I. This rampaging thriller that never lets up. Eager to please director Babak Najafi unleashes pure hell on one of Europe’s most iconic capitols with little left in the wake.

Complete with engaging quips and a free flowing feeling London Has Fallen successfully blends current world political upheavals with a James Bond like do-gooder out to save the day. Heaven help the baddies.