Get your fix on fun. Head out to The Arts Club Theatre’s Granville Island stage to take in all the hilarity served up in their newest show: Made in Italy. No, you don’t need to be Italian or speak the dolce vita language to enjoy all the ups and downs in this buoyant show. Come hungry and leave fed with the best in comedy cuisine courtesy of the stellar cast that brings it all home. Oops – it’s only a one man show -but what a performance it
The trick with Made in Italy is that you could easily substitute in any other ethnic minority and still come up a winner. Big time. Hot after a sizzling run back in Eastern Canada playwright Farren Timoteo is hot as hell as the lead ( and only)performer who will have you in Stitches throughout the two hour show. It’s hard enough to play one character but Farren weaves his way back and forth playing the misunderstood Francesco and his table worshipping dad.
Old school takes on rebellious youth in this excessively funny play that pokes fun of all things Italian. Tasteful tact sees somehow Italian global icons Rocky Balboa and the high stepping John Travolta lend their presence to this ever changing emerging story which sees a young bullied boy wrestling with all his inner demons and culturally minded dad to make something of himself in this new and unpredictable land called Canada. Nation building and acceptance never felt so good.
Fit and fun for all ages Made in Italy is a classic. All it’s success falls squarely on Farren who lights up the stage. With a 15 minute intermission and a set that only takes up the dining room in a house Made in Italy will resonate with you. It’s a perfect escape from all the problems the world is now facing.