Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Personal Branding is not exclusively for small business owners. It’s a way to set yourself apart from the millions of other people in the workforce, and make your name and presence recognizable in the workplace. It’s another way to answer the question – What do you do?

Dress the Part

Look clean and professional at work. Dress for the part you want, not the part that you have. If you’re not such a fashion expert, consider asking for help from friends or store associates (remember, solid ties go with patterned shirts, while patterned ties go with solid shirts). When you dress well, people assume that you take your job seriously. Also remember to keep your desk clean and organized. These components of personal branding may seem shallow to critics of the idea, but first impressions are huge in the business world and recurring interactions help maintain that first impression.

Share Yourself

Is there a way you can professionally contribute to the venues or workspace around you? Can you compose an email newsletter, write a blog post, or publish an e-book highlighting areas of your expertise? Part of personal branding is creating content that’s associated with your name, whether you’re an aspiring author, an established chef, or a personal banker.

brandDevelop Your Own Style

The whole point of personal branding is to stand out from the crowd. While dressing well, participating in workplace dialogue, and engaging in professional behavior may be expected of everyone, there’s a way you can bring your uniqueness to the table, and most companies today encourage and appreciate that. Get quirky with it (within reason). Maybe you can be the guy who emails photos of beautiful landscapes and inspirational quotes every morning, or who wears cat ties every Friday.

Be Confident

Confidence is a huge part of personal branding. Successful people do not hide, but at the same time, they don’t hog the spotlight. Know your area of expertise well and share it, so that when coworkers or bosses have a problem in a particular area, they will actually think of turning to you for help. Confidence will help you perform better at your job, increase the trust that others have in you, and make upward mobility easier.

Your Take Away

Be Nice! Nobody likes a jerk, and if they have to do business with one, they do it begrudgingly, until they can find an alternate arrangement. Part of personal branding is making yourself likeable, otherwise all the other work you put into this venture will be for nothing. The way you make people feel will actually have a greater impact than the things you do or say to them, so make this element of personal branding one of your top priorities.

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