STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 1WANT to make the most of what your local rec centre has to offer? Check out this listing of family friendly events planned just for Family Day between BC Gov and the BC Recreation and parks Association: If you do attend an event, why not take a picture and use #BCFamilyDay and #StaycationBC!


STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 2* Hit the slopes! BC is known for its world-class ski destinations, so grab your skis or snow board and get out there. Find a deal here:



STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 3* Tie on a pair… of skates! Robson Square is hosting a free skate for Family Day:




STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 4* Get some culture. The Vancouver Art Gallery is offering free admissions, it’s a great way to experience art in BC: /events_and_programs/calendar_of_events.html


STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 5* Did someone say brunch? How about dinner? Family Day is a great time to dine out and experience one of BC’s many great restaurants. Plus, you can feel good knowing you supported local businesses … and that someone else is doing the dishes.



STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 6* There are lots of great, independent events planned for communities across BC for Family Day – look for listings in your local paper, on Facebook or radio or Twitter #BCFamilyDay.




STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 7* Family Day makes the heart grow fonder. Savour the memories of some great local food, produced by B.C.’s farming families. Check out the new  “We Heart Local” app for directions to local food. Link to:


STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 8* Get outside! BC is filled with beautiful parks and wildlife. A day off is a perfect time for a long hike or a gentle stroll on the trails:




STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 9* Relax. Sleep in. Get a little quality time on the couch and catch up on all that reading/tv watching/napping time you’ve been meaning to get to!




STORY 3 ITEM 16 Photo 10* #StaycationBC. Take a little time out to enjoy life in your own backyard. Plan the day as if you were a tourist: