E.Vancouver: On Monday, a man stole a car battery from the Canadian Tire Store located at Grandview Highway and Bentall Street and then tried to car-jack a small hatchback that was stopped for a red light, westbound on Grandview Highway. He opened the driver’s door and attempted to pull the driver from the car. The driver, saved by her seatbelt, hit the gas, dragging the thief a short distance before he dropped off. The suspect then tried to get into the taxi through a smashed window, but was unable to get through the broken glass. The crook then jumped on the hood of a passing SUV that was stopped in traffic, yelling at the motorist to drive away.A nearby off-duty Vancouver Police officer managed to negotiate the man off of the hood and held onto him until uniformed officers arrived. The man remains in custody and charges of robbery, assault with a weapon, disguise with intent, obstructing a police officer and theft under $5,000 are pending. No one was seriously injured in the chaos.