Surrey: Surrey RCMP have arrested a 32 year old Adam Richard Beeddle  in connection to an attempted abduction of a 4 year old child.

Last Saturday, Surrey RCMP received a call from a male stating that a man had just attempted to abduct his 4 year old daughter from Holland Park in Central Surrey. The father of the 4 year old called police after he had noticed an adult male speaking to his daughter in the children’s playground at Holland Park. The father approached his daughter and asked what the unwanted male had said. Once learning what was said the father confronted Beeddle and insisted that he should depart from the park. Beeddle eventually departed the park, however, returned a few minutes later after changing his clothing. Upon observing the male return to the playground the father immediately grabbed his daughter. This time Beeddle approached the father and daughter and began to shout at the father which caused the call to police. Later he attempted to flee on a bicycle, however, was captured a few blocks away by on duty patrol officers who had flooded the area upon hearing of the call. He has been charged with several criminal code offences and remains in custody.