YELLOW cabbyCab driver Ranjit Singh Shergill’s alleged attacker, Lloyd Peter Robinson, 29, who Vancouver Police arrested last Thursday (see Asian Journal’s ‘Law and Order’ section) and against who Crown has approved charges of aggravated assault, has links to East End Hells Angels, according to a weekend report in the Vancouver Sun newspaper.
Meanwhile, Shergill told Global TV last weekend that it was racially motivated attack because of the things Robinson said to the cabbie about his Indian background and told him to ‘go back home.’
Shergill picked up three women and a man on Granville Street near Davie Street shortly before 1 a.m. on November 17.
Vancouver Police said he took the four passengers to a nearby apartment building at Drake Street and Marinaside Crescent, where a dispute over the $5.40 cab fare occurred. The verbal argument quickly ended when the man allegedly punched the victim, before kicking and stomping on his face as he lay seemingly unconscious on the ground.
Police attended and spoke with several witnesses from nearby buildings who heard the verbal and physical altercation, and observed the accused run off after the attack.
Global TV reported that Shergill’s upper jaw is wired together. Also, a metal plate has been inserted in his face to rebuild his broken cheek and eye socket.
Shergill’s colleagues are donating to support the cabbie’s family as he recovers at home.
Vancouver Sun reporter Kim Bolan reported that the alleged attacker Robinson’s father, Louie, was an original member of the East End Hells Angels but retired from the club after a major undercover investigation.
His uncle John Bryce is the president of the East End Hells Angels.
Bolan also reported that Robinson was convicted of an assault in Kelowna in March 2012. He received a fine and a year’s probation. He also faced allegations of uttering threats in August 2012 after which a peace bond was issued last February.