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Dr. Holly Fourchalk

There are a variety of causes of headaches and consequently a variety of treatments to eliminate them.  While we do not have actual pain receptors in the brain, we do have pressure receptors.  These receptors can be triggered by issues in the blood:

1)      Too thick

2)      Too toxic

3)      Inflamed vessels

4)      Blood clots

These may be the result of:

1)      Overwhelmed liver – not detoxifying the blood

2)      Overwhelmed lymphatic system – not cleaning the cellular fluids before they go into the blood

3)      Overwhelmed kidneys – not filtering out the blood

Headaches/migraines may also be the result of:

1)      Excess free radicals in the blood/brain

2)      Inflammation in the blood vessels/brain

3)      Insufficient glutathione in the brain

Thus, any of the following may be required as part of the solution:


1)      Exercise

2)      Having sex

3)      Trigger Point Therapy

4)      Acupuncture

5)      Alignment of teeth

6)      Alignment of the spine


1)      Meditation

2)      Massage

Herbs (in tincture form):

1)      Ginger

2)      Stinging Nettles (cleans the blood)

3)      Ginkgo Biloba (thins the blood/improves circulation)

4)      Feverfew (need to take for about 4-6 weeks to eliminate migraines)

5)      Valerian(sedative/anti-spasmodic)

6)      Skullcap (sedative/anti-spasmodic)

7)      Passion flower (sedative/anti-spasmodic)


8)      Foods with good healthy Omega 3s (flax seeds, hemp seed, salba/chia seeds, avocados, almonds)

9)      Fermented foods (increase microbiota)

10)   While not a food – dehydration may be part of the problem – so foods high in water content or just water

11)   Magnesium – magnesium helps to relax muscles and blood vessels – so foods high in magnesium (real 100% chocolate; bananas; almonds)

12)   Foods high in anti-oxidants

Essential Oils:

1)      Peppermint oil (between the eyes)

2)      Mint (same)


1)      Peppermint

2)      Sandalwood

3)      Eucalyptus

Other therapies:

1)      Cognitive behavioural therapy

2)      Combine cayenne pepper with sesame oil (rub into hands; WASH OFF in 20 minutes)

Consequently, it might be wise to find a good health practitioner to determine what is actually causing the problem so that you can find an effective solution.

Dr Holly is an international professional speaker, teacher and scientist.  She has written 12 books. She has 7 degrees and 3 designations in a variety of health modalities.

For more information, contact: Dr Holly at holly@choicesunlimited.ca


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