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Washed Ashore!

Different for sure is the vision behind Marcel the Shell with Shoes on. Consider this story to be for acquired tastes. Be brave perhaps try out this new comedy drama from Elevation Pictures that deserves an A for effort. Currently Marcel is driving viewers to select Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres around B.C.
Dry humour is on tap as this story revolves around a livable and somewhat likable shell and his/her cohorts who encounter all sorts of “incidents” during a day or two in Their lives at a human home. Adults will be able to relate to all the dialogue whether young kids can clock in or tune in is a whole other story. This is not your typical Minions , Toy or Shek story so the little ones may get lost in the shuffle. Sure such comparisons may be unfair but hey if you want to tap into the children’s market colour counts as does over the top humourous situations.
While this film May lack some of the spark of some glossy Hollywood mainstream productions the ingenuity of a shell winding up in all sorts of everyday predicaments us humans are familiar with and trying to navigate the the unforeseen dangers is a lot of fun to watch.