Tough Love!

Splits are tough to handle. No we’re not talking banana splits here or bowling. Instead the gloves come off in devastating fashion in Marriage Story. Happiness is fleeting in This new Netflix rales first playing for two weeks at the VanCity Theatre before heading for the small screen.
Explosive best describes the marriage between two arts-oriented orders trying to make it in The Big Apple. Explosive exchange highlights this smart Norma Ephron effort who wrote and directs this well-crafted tale. Caught in the middle of this marital grudge of war is a young boy like so many others being fodder for the affected parents, extended families not to mention the lawyers.

Perfect casting all around is anchored by a dazzling performance from Adam Driver as a maligned dad and Scarlett Johansson who has her own issues to burn. Egged on by that take no prisoner’s winner take all attitude perfectly embodied by Laura Dern along with stints by Alan Alda and Ray Liotta make Marriage Story an all too revealing true life affair.