The maze runnerA group of teen age friends risk all to save one of their own in the do or die Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Part three of this Hunger Games light this grand finale send-off from 20th Century Fox manages to hit all the right notes in this crowd-pleaser now engaging audiences throughout B.C. At Cineplex auditoriums.

Through thick and thin handsome Thomas will lead his band of merry men/women in a quest to wrest control, from their evil overlords otherwise known as WCKD. Injured while filming this shot in British Columbia epic Dylan O’Brien looks great as the charismatic leader of a small gang of Gladers out to break into an unbelievably fortified fortress where all sorts of bad things are occurring. Outside this gated community terrible misfortunes befall the hapless/home, was who are out in a stranglehold thanks to their merciless rulers.

Lots of heroic and strange alliances develop as one determined pack of revolutionaries do what they can against a horde of merciless armed to the teeth captors who will do nothing to stop any interference with their good life.

Made for the action / fantasy crowd Maze Runner: The Death Cure packs enough punch to make a meaningful impact on fans of themselves. Non-believers may be left blowing in the wind.