Haute Couture!

McqueenDare to dream. Watch a boy live out his real-life fantasies in McQueen. Don’t be fooled. At first glance folks who see the title McQueen may well think this Elevation Pictures film is all about 60s cultural icon and film legend Steve McQueen. Sorry folks. This whimsical fresh documentary charts the meteoric rise of a young man who wanted to set the fashion world ablaze and turn it on its ear. That’s exactly what Alexander McQueen did, and this two-hour tribute well conveys that exuberance. Don your most fetching outfit and wander down to the VanCity Theatre to share the brilliance of this one of a kind artist.

Make the runway your home and they will come. Through interviews with family, Friends and fashion players and makers McQueen delves deep into the roots of a cultural behemoth. Frank exchanges with teachers and those who helped this Brit from the very beginning takes us behind the scenes to the fashion houses of Italy and England where we see first hand how a genius was moulded. You don’t throw around words like genius lightly, but you can’t help but feel this man had something special.

Exciting back stage footage of the man’s fashion extravaganzas and passion for living and giving help make this movie of McQueens deep rooted desires and dreams intriguing and enchanting from start to finish. Do enjoy this sharply directed Ian Bonhote tour de force for 111 exciting and revealing minutes.