The battle lines have been drawn for long time now, the patrons and promoters of both Print and Electronic media, especially Radio, are ready to fight it out to prove each other’s supremacy over the other. None of the parties are ready to give up – not yet.

If the electronic media prides itself in being the on-the-go media, the print media asserts itself as the master of substance getting inspired time and again from the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword, in presenting their case against the electronic media.

But there is one and only one winner in this ultimate battle – the consumer.

Yes, readers have turned into consumers, consuming information that is vital to them and ignoring the rest of it.  Many experts question the validity of customized content offered by the electronic media. It’s true the electronic media gives the power to choose, but what about knowledge? How can electronic media for which ‘consumer is the king’ satisfy the basic tenets of being a media, a platform of knowledge?

Sometime ago there was some sound bite on a local radio channel saying that the print media is dying a slow and sure death. But then radio almost went into oblivion and now is again back in the reckoning. We should not forget that only change is constant and it is the will of the people who as readers, as listeners or even as consumers dictate the terms to media.

In fact, the generation born in the computer age itself is creator, publisher and developer of so many communication messages; the rate of it is astounding!

They create and share original content on social media and re-share what they have liked with others in their universe. The speed with which the message percolates among them is incomprehensible and cannot be matched by any print publication or a radio station.

Radio speaks and engages till the time its frequency matches the mood frequency of the listener and same goes for the print media.

There have been instances when the whole of the new media and the electronic media have buzzed with the discussions, analysis, debates and comments about fictional character of the print world– Harry Potter is a recent phenomenon or even 50 shades of grey.

Hence to say that one type of media can solely exist and force other one to die is naïve.  None of the media can rely on their own for long.

Radio needs readers, yes, readers who read books, magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs and voice their opinion on the radio for the listeners. Similarly Print media needs radio listeners; bloggers to read and discuss the content published by them then go onto debate it on air or write about it in their blogs on internet.

Whatever you may believe in, the Consumer is the reader, the listener, and the viewer all rolled into one. There are numerous platforms to distribute the written word besides print; similarly, there are numerous platforms to distribute sound bites besides Radio. It may be one, but it is not the only one. The day print media breathes its last, that day its fraternal twin Radio too will bid adieu to this fascinating world, where consumer is the king and has the final word.

Print media might diminish in number but it is not fading away anytime soon, atleast not in our lifetime. We will be publishing many more issues of Asian Journal, keep reading!