Meditation is about discovering, exploring and understanding one’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, attitudes, values, motives, and intentions. It’s an introspective, converse with the self to get to know ones deep desires, strengths, talents and qualities. In meditation, one is able to examine the ways one thinks, acts and reacts to the situations. It helps to look at, accept and respect all aspects of one’s personality in which the one can begin to improve the self without criticism or condemnation. This as a result, helps to develop a positive relationship with the self. Unless one develops a fulfilling relationship with oneself, it’s difficult to develop a good relationship with others.
Benefits of Meditation:
Develops greater self-awareness: Balance in inner and outer realities – starting from the inside out, not from the outside in. Becoming more aware of our internal environment enables us to check, choose and change. We realize that we always have a choice in what we think. We learn to be more kind, tolerant, and accepting of ourselves and others which enables us to recognize our spiritual independence and realize the inner resources we have with the ability and responsibility to use them to create a better quality life.

Clear thinking: Most people complain they don’t think clearly; their minds are muddled. By directing the mind and slowing down the thoughts, the mind becomes clear.
Clear decision-making: People find it difficult to make decisions. Some people phone their friends and relatives to get answers and end up getting more confused. Clarity of the mind increases decision-making ability.

Concentration power: We learn to focus and concentrate the mind in meditation. By pulling back our scattered energy and focusing it positively, concentration power increases.
Positive attitude: Most of the time our thinking is negative. Meditation teaches us to be positive, because positive thoughts produce positive attitudes and approach to life.
Ability to relax: We learn to relax the mind as well as the body, so we become less uptight about life and the situations we face.
Ability to work under pressure: Stresses will always be there. A change of attitude conserves our energy and allows us to cope and work better under pressure.
Ability to rejuvenate energy: Meditation reju venates and recharges.

The most common complaint in today’s world is tiredness. Meditation focuses and conserves our energy.
Healthy mind and body: We are what we think. The mind affects the body. Meditation is used by many people to improve health by reducing stress. Meditation is not necessarily a cure, but it is a good method of prevention.

By Brahma Kumaris Vancouver
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