By Shirl Hollenberg

Mistress America (PG)**

mistress America - HOllywood - AJ sept 4 2015Moving to a new town can be a trying experience. Fresh from the country a young woman faces loads of challenges when she descends on New York in Mistress America. Well represented by Fox Searchlight  and screening at The Fifth Avenue Cinemas this intimate tale focuses on how our new immigrant bonds with  a wacky  and wild new family to be member.

Teaming up again on the big screen is classy director Noah Baumbach who Unleashes the magnetic presence of Gerta Gerwig as the ultimate guide to New York.  Emotions boil to the  surface as here the saga of two totally diverse young females interact with a string of chaotic  encounters with once upon a time and equally new and fractious friends.

Bittersweet and effective with compelling performances Mistress America does a good job showing people bonding and then their relationships undergoing considerable stress and pains gone wild in an urban setting that switches to rural that doesn’t miss a beat in this ticking time bomb of erupting emotions and heartfelt tug of wars. Wow, that’s a long sentence but there is nothing long about this triumph. Soul searching reaches new heights in this wistful take headlined by Lola Kirke as little lost and found girl Tracy.