Homeward Bound!


mile 22Rough and tumble is the world of clandestine operations. When a routine mission goes astray it leaves a tattered tangled web. Watch the slow-building tension unfold in Mile 22. Better than your routine standard shoot-em up this VVS release is a cut above. Check out a hostile takeover at Cineplex and Landmark theatres across B.C.

School can bring out the best in People – the worst in others. Which side of the glass you are looking at sort of sums up the life of James Silva. Now as a highly trained elite espionage grown-up Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights) makes use of his bad boy school day antics/tactics to bring a fugitive to justice. At least that was the plan. Funny how well-thought-out procedures can go wrong.

Getting a “package” from point A to point B seems like a real mission impossible or The Impossible dream.  Variations of this crime bust-out story have been told before but under the wise tutelage of Director Peter Berg the material here seems more plausible with the stakes sky high. Full of action and stunts galore those who like macho mayhem steeped with political chicanery and global implications should get a jolt out of this dramatic thriller. Keep your eye on the prize and you may just come out on top. Perhaps.