IMG_1686Sound Off!

Pop stars are not just reserved for singers. Once in a while a musician rises to the fore. One of the most revered musicians of the last half century was Miles Ahead.  Trust Don Cheadle to do justice to this one of a kind legend in this smartly made Sony Pictures Classics now sounding off  at The International Village Cinemas

No longer will the personal and private life of Miles Davis be kept silent. Far from it. Doing three jobs as the lead actor, writer, producer and first time director (oops, that four) one man movie making machine Cheadle scores a hit with this drama.  High voltage and emotional we see first hand how Miles goes from a hero to a zero and back for more as a fairly drastic transformation occurs during his life.

To get things rolling in this emotional roller coaster of a movie is a smart tale revolving around a missing recording. Street smart with lots of inner turmoil gnawing away, we first see Miles basically coming apart at the seams. And there are some veiled instances of racism that perfectly mesh wi these heady times.

Cast effectively as a meddlesome reporter is Ewan McGregor. Their search for the tape becomes a pivotal part of this wild ride of a movie that reflects Mr. Davis’ topsy turvy life. Also impactful is Davis’s relationships with the ladies that has a way of bringing out the best’ and most often the worst in him.

Full of gritty street violence and drugs that mixes with edginess Miles Ahead offers a gritty performance from Cheadle and also some pretty nifty trumpet playing.