img_3012-newOne gutsy lady causes all sorts of turmoil in Miss Sloane. For a change, it looks like this sharp assault from VVS Films is not based on true events. My money says that what’s depicted in this story probably happens more often than the powers that be care to admit. Take my advice and wander down to any of your local Cineplex Odeon theatres across B.C, to see how real politics works.

News junkies know all about pork belly politics and lobbyists. Even Canada is not immune from this practice of well-connected people trying to influence government. You are t that naive to think that Chinese billionaires attending a private dinner in an upscale Toronto home didn’t want anything in return, do you? To get ate truth and see how politicians are really swayed you must attend Miss Sloane.

Where else but in Washington you find, most lobbyists trying to sway government officials and duly elected politicians to pass/defeat legislation. Working at a top law firm our Miss Sloane is e go to person to get things done on The Hill. Out to make her mark in this male top navy world of chicanery is Jessica Chastain. Just superb in this part we get to see this lady ply her trade with precision and results. Almost everyone fears her and she always seems to have a way to win.

One wrong turn by the lass while championing a particular cause sees her already tumultuous life cascading out of control. Just how she reacts to being the victim of her own winning ways provides lots of grist to the mill in this utterly entertaining film.

Expertly acted with plenty of surprises and a superb atmosphere of elites at play make Miss Sloane a truly guilty pleasure well worth attending.