By Bob Milliken

Bob Milliken Picture-computer cents COLORToday I would like do something a little different. I have invited a good friend of mine, Jeff Stark of QR Mobile Marketing, and an expert in mobile marketing, to share with us his ideas on how to increase sales by reaching customers on their mobile devices. According to Jeff –

One of the fastest changing aspects of marketing involves reaching prospects and customers on their mobile device. As little as two years ago we were concerned that our Website displayed properly on a Tablet PC, iPad or smart phone. While most small businesses still struggle with this, the good news is that many of you have successfully embraced mobile marketing and have created strong a presence in the mobility space on mobile devices by creating their own mobile application (app) and convincing customers to download it.

This is important for two reasons. First is the fact that most customers will choose the most convenient option when accessing information from their mobile device. If your company has an easily accessed mobile app, customers are more likely to use it instead of laboriously typing in the web address of a competitor into their mobile browser.

Second is when your mobile app is part of the downloaded group of programs for your customer, you can conveniently message them using push notifications; such as discounts and specials. Push notifications allow you to send a short broadcast message right to their mobile device as an SMS message or an e-mail. It’s like sending a message at will to those you might consider to be your best and most loyal customers. And don’t forget proximity marketing. This allows you to send targeted messages to those that come within range of your store or a business location with teasers about discounts or specials.

Plan for mobile marketing by taking a true assessment about your market.

Do your buyers use mobile devices?

Do you sell to a demographic of
buyers that can or will be using mobile devices in the next 6 to 12 months? If the answer to either one of these questions is yes or maybe,
your business will definitely benefit from an online mobile presence. Work with a mobility marketing professional who will show you how to build a cost effective system that will provide you with an additional avenue to reach your customers.

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Bob Milliken is the president of Cascadia Systems Group.