Singapore: Prototype products that will be featured at CommunicAsia, a trade exhibition next week (June 17 to 20), at Marina Bay Sands, will allow you to screen for conditions like dengue fever in just 10 minutes, or turn photos and videos in your mobile device into 3D images.

Michael Tan is the inventor of the BioSenze biometrics device, which works like this: When the device is plugged into a mobile phone, it powers up the device so it can take a blood or saliva sample to process information. There’s an application in the phone that can interpret the data, to detect whether a user has, say, dengue fever or hand, foot and mouth disease – in just 10 minutes.

Mr Tan’s team is now applying for approval from relevant authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration and Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority. He is also talking to healthcare groups and manufactures to mass-market the product. The device is set to be ready by the end of year, with a price tag under S$10. He hopes it will be able to test up to 50 ailments.