New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) Stating that defence and security cooperation would be a key pillar of India-Africa partnership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday also promised to accord high priority to scaling up of trade and investment flows between India and Africa.
“We will make our trade more balanced. We will facilitate Africa’s access to the Indian market. We will ensure full and effective implementation of the duty-free access extended to 34 countries,” the prime minister said in his concluding remarks at the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit.
“We will work with you to realise your vision of a prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth, empowered citizens and sustainable development; an integrated and culturally vibrant Africa; and, a peaceful and secure Africa, which has its rightful global place and is a strong partner for the world,” he said.
Modi also sought to intensify joint cooperation against terrorism and rally the world to build a common cause against it.
“We should intensify our cooperation and collaboration to seek reforms of the United Nations,” he said.
He said joint efforts would help achieve shared goals in the international trade and pursue their expectations from the coming global meeting on climate change in Paris.