Image 2Surrey: One of the largest investments towards federal infrastructure in B.C. was recently made in the $7.1 billion deal to fund TransLink’s 10-Year Transportation Investment Plan. With the federal government’s initial commitment of $2 billion, and with the agreement between local governments and the government of B.C. in funding Phase Two of the Plan, this deal can be recognized as a historic infrastructure investment for B.C.

MP Randeep Sarai believes a significant portion of this transit investment is directed at improving transportation in Surrey as TransLink acknowledges the city’s current demands and prepares for its future growth. Although the proposed projects are a big win for all British Columbians, here are the highlights of Phase Two which are beneficial to Surrey residents:

  • Extension of the Millennium Line and construction of 6 new SkyTrain stations along Broadway from VCC-Clark to Arbutus Street.
  • Construction of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT Line along 104 Avenue, City Parkway and King George Boulevard.
  • Planning and design for Surrey-Langley rapid transit.
  • 108 new SkyTrain cars for Expo and Millennium Lines, as well as 95 replacement cars for the existing fleet.
  • Increase Expo and Millennium Line service during rush hours, mid-day, and weekends starting in 2019.
  • Increase Canada Line service during rush hours, evenings, and weekends starting in 2020.
  • Modernization of Expo-Millennium Line infrastructure including upgrades at Brentwood and Burrard Stations.
  • 8% increase in bus service to carry more passengers on 75 different bus routes.
  • 2 new B-Lines in Richmond and Surrey.
  • New bus service in Vancouver, Surrey and North Vancouver.
  • Over 150 new buses as well as replacement of existing fleet.
  • 7% increase in HandyDART service.
  • $75 million for rehab and upgrades to the Major Road Network.
  • $50 million for pedestrian and cycling improvements.
  • Planning on potential Burnaby Mountain Gondola, rapid transit to UBC, and other future potential projects.

Image 1As many of the transit projects and upgrades will operate through MP Sarai’s Surrey Centre riding, he is able to confidently tell constituents that his government has kept their 2015 federal election promise and are committed to providing significant transit investment and infrastructure spending. If further approvals run smoothly, there is potential for these services and upgrades to begin as early as next year.

For more information about infrastructure plans in Surrey, MP Sarai welcomes you to visit his office to speak to him directly. You can also attend a public gathering near you to discuss the Phase Two Plan or take TransLink’s online survey to have your say by visiting: