We are a country known all over the world for multiculturalism and we do have set high standards for rest of the world. That’s the bird’s eye view. When we take up a magnifying glass and look around us, I am sure most of you will agree that we need to go many miles before we can rest on this issue. Multiculturalism requires an attitude to adapt and approach to assimilate the newcomers in our country. The effort has to be from both the sides. Newcomers need to have an attitude to adapt to the culture and nuances of Canadian society and Canadians have to approach their new compatriots with open mind.
In a Community dialogue, Lionel Laroche -a world renowned expert on cultural diversity gave a very incisive insight on the factors that slow down the settling process of new immigrants or at times create problems for them to settle in the country of their dreams.
If you gather a group of immigrants—new or old—and ask them about their experience of settling in, each one of them will have a different story to tell but one thing that will thread through is the fear of being left out of the mainstream. Immigrants try to do whatever they can to become Canadians instantly, which at times causes lots of emotional and relationship trauma to them. On the other hand Canadians born and brought up with Canadian values find it hard to figure out what’s going in the head of an immigrant. Many Canadians are wary of approaching a Immigrant, especially a visible minority for the fear of not be able to understand them and also they have no idea what might offend a stranger from a strange land.
Time is only solution of filling this gap between two parts of population of our country. Canadians need to learn about immigrants and immigrants need to reciprocate the warmth extended by Canadians.
Positive attitude, proactive approach will slowly help both adapt to each other and grow.