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ON November 28, some members of the Muslim community delivered a big supply of clothes, jackets, and blankets to the homeless and less fortunate people in the Surrey Central area and Downtown Vancouver.

They thanked all the individuals and families who donated or helped in the collection and distribution of used clothes, jackets and blankets.

“It was a project which is just another example of the generosity of our local Muslim community. The amount and quality of donations given and the gratitude shown by the homeless people on the receiving end exceeded our expectations,” said one member, who didn’t want to be identified.

“It all started with a few friends thinking about the cold weather approaching and doing something for the needy. We made the appeal to our local Muslim community through Alameen and personal emails. Our Muslim community responded very well to our calls and we are very grateful for the trust given to us from our community,” he added.

The members said they were amazed at the appreciation they received from the less fortunate ones.  Most of them waited patiently in line and took only what they needed. Even when prompted to take some more clothes or jackets, many of them left the extra stuff offered so that other needy ones could have them.

“I will never forget the level of “shukar” (content) and smiles they had,” one member said.