Rocky Marriage!

My big fat greek weddingMarriage on the rocks serves up gentle laughs in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Admirers of the original film made 14 years ago will be happy most of the same team is back. Gentle ribbing of all things Greek hits home in this Universal Film coming up strong at Cineplex Odeon arenas around B.C.

Though the focus here is on one over extended Greek family you could easily substitute any other ethnic group. And wisely the filmmakers have included some wonderful social musings about love, family and togetherness.

At the heart of wedding number two is a disputed matrimonial certificate. News that the elders may not truly be married sends everyone into an expected tizzy. Both Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan are terrific as the 50 year old odd Married couple who may in fact (and in the eyes of the law) be living in sin. To the rescue comes a caring daughter played by series creator  Nia Vardalos Pretty as can be our Nia has more problems raising her adolescent daughter. Lucky for the clan. They have a prim and proper aunt. Played up to the hilt for laughs by scene stealing Andrea Martin.

Good vibes abound throughout this movie. Full of humour and warmth folks into wholesome entertainment may find this mild comedy to their liking. More to gain warm chuckles than boisterous burst out laughs this is one mild and pleasant movie made for mature audiences.