Best Buds!
Sure to please people of all ages turns out to be Elevation Pictures’ My Spy. Hot new studio STX Films pulls out all the stops in this family friendly lark now showing at Cineplex Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.
Thought to be perhaps the most successful comedy producer of all time, visionary showman Robert Simonds again proves to have the master touch in casting and pulling off a feel good movie that fires on All cylinders. Chicago is ground zero for the crazy antics that sees a seasoned special ops vet relegated to largely house-sitting duties.
Macho man Dave Bautista, hot after staring down Daniel Craig. In some recent James Bond fiascos, let’s show his more genteel side as J.J. battle weary and somewhat disgraced leave it to C.I.A. Chief Ken Jeong to assign his not so crack agent to a surveillance job on an ordinary woman and her rather imaginative nine year old daughter. Just how this master spy “manages” this family in the midst of some terrorist plot is textbook comical fun.
Director Pete Segal (Get Smart) somehow manages to deliver a knockout punch largely owing to the unexpected chemistry between Bautista and Chloe Coleman as an overachieving youngster. Spying never seemed so much fun. Sorry 007. Better luck next time. Sometimes you need an escape during all this doom and gloom.